The Plantronics RIG 400HX, should you buy it or pass? We wanted to start reviewing some more of the budget friendly headsets, not everyone can spend more than $50.00 on a headset. So let’s dig into it.

Without going into comparisons (that will come later) how does the Rig 400HX stand on it own? Pretty good according to my ears.

This headset clocks in currently at just under $45.00 at If you are a spec person then here you go:

  • 40mm, high-sensitivity drivers
  • Memory-foam, sound-isolating earcups
  • Directly adjust game volume and mute your mic using inline controls.
  • Cushioned headband reduces pressure so you can game for hours.
  • Designed for Xbox, the 3.5 mm connector is also compatible with PS4 controllers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • Mic Pick Up Pattern: Uni-directional.
  • Mic Freq Response: 100 Hz–10 kHz.
  • HP Impedance: 32 ohms.
  • HP Freq Response: 20 Hz–20 kHz.
  • HP Drivers: Dynamic 40 mm.

When we look at headsets we look to grade them on:

  • Sound quality
  • Voice clarity (no one wants to hear your background noise through your mic)
  • Noise-canceling  (you do not want to break the emersion in your game)
  • Comfort

Our overall score for Rig 400HX is 3.5 out of 5 on a grand scale but a solid 4 out of 5 on the budget scale.

Sound quality was impressive for a budget headset, it did provide a rich deep sound if explosion and sound effects are your thing and was still tuned enough if you have to hear footsteps around a corner (for all you campers at there)

Voice clarity was hard for me to measure but leaning into the feedback from others I was told they heard a distinct difference in my voice and did sound much more clear and ambient background noise such as fans, etc… were non-existent.

Noise-canceling was surprising. 3 feet to the left of me sits another gamer and we play side by side in our office setup. I literally could not hear (with normal volume level in headset) if they were speaking to me at normal levels. This could be a Pro or a Con for some.

Comfort is where I was somewhat disappointed but this a personal thing. At first it was great and I was impressed with the fit but after about 2 hours of solid gaming my ears were hurting from the earcups. This could be just due to my ears  since I prefer to use earbuds unless streaming. The adjustable headpiece was fine, not the very best but far from the worse.

For myself I would use the Rig 400HX for shorter gaming sessions or streaming if the budget is tight. We have several more budget headsets to review so checkout the comparison article to see the side by side results.

If you have questions or comments let me know below. Catch you on the next one, Hood out!

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