If you play on Xbox and are a mac fanboy like myself then read on. Windows users have it easy, they just pop open the xbox app on the PC, use either Shaowplay or Relive depending if they have a Nvidia or AMD GPU and record away or just play on any windows machine on the same network.

There have always been a few work arounds on mac for this with bootcamp and OBS (or any free screen recording software) but here is a bootcamp free option for you.

Recommended software:

Onecast $19.99 (visit their website here for a 2 week free trail Onecast website )

Screenflick $35.00 ( link to their site screenflick website)

I prefer Screenflick as a paid option for the sole reason it can do screen recording in Apple Pro Res format. OBS for mac is still a solid free option especially if you are streaming to any other platform besides Mixer.

Quicktime and the built in screen capture are last resorts, quicktime has an issue capturing in game audio and screen recorder in Mojave worked half the time and bugged out. Not sure if this is because the Mac thinks we are recording copyrighted material or if this is a system resource thing.

The system I am running is a 2018 mac mini with the 3.2 GHz I7 32 GB of RAM and an eGPU Nitro+ RX 580

Why not use Bootcamp method? Great questions, Bootcamp why is a great feature it is still somewhat wonky (yes thats the tech term) with a few things. I use a 34″ ultra wide screen monitor with the eGPU, in windows bootcamp the display resolution will not detect properly and sticks me in 1920×1080 which throws off the display and quality of recording. Second, even though my system is strong enough to support shadowplay and Relive neither would work stating system requirements. This left me with trying to use OBS and fixing the display scaling issue in post. This is not a great workflow.

Enter onecast!. Onecast is not new by any means but has stepped up the stream quality lately. Onecast lets you connect Apple devices ( iPads, iPhones, macbooks, etc…) to your Xbox and stream it just like the native app on windows.

If you are running a wired connection to your xbox and then either a wired or 5G wireless connection on the same network to your apple computer or devices you will not see lag issues.

Onecast lets you pick a full screen display that maxs out at 1920×1080 or you can resize the window to a custom size smaller than that.

With Screenflick you can do the same. Here is how I set it up and the workflow.

  1. Install onecast and then install screenflick this is self explanatory. Once that is done open up screenflick and install the audio plugin to record computer sounds ( this allows you to capture in game audio, party chat, or a mic).
  2. Once that is done fire up Onecast and follow the onscreen instructions to link your Xbox profile. Super simple. This whole process takes just a few clicks (hence why I felt there were no need for screenshots pointing things out)
  3. Onecast by default goes into full screen mode, you can adjust this in the menu options in the top left hand corner of the menu bar. Full screen is what we want for when we record.
  4. Fire up screenflick, set your recording area to 1920×1080 and press record, a count down will start on yoru screen.
  5. Go back to Onecast and go into Fullscreen (screenflick and onecast will automatically line up the recording area on monitors that are 1920×1080 or bigger.

Thats it, you are all set. When down recording, hit end in the top right menu bar on your mac (will be a little red button), choose your format and save location and screenflick with start exporting your video. Depending on the format and length of recording this can take anywhere for 10 to 60 mins. If you are recording long streams I would recommend breaking down the the saves so you are stuck in exporting limbo with screenflick.

If you have questions or comments let me know below. Catch you on the next one, Hood out!

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